Next up in the Kindle queue ~ The Awakening

Having raced to finish The Sea Wolf on the last day of February (why do I have these compulsions?), I quickly added Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening to my Kindle. I’ve read The Awakening twice before; it is considered an early feminist novel, and it has some thematic connection to the novel I’m currently working on: Finnegans Deciphered.

I’m still lukewarm about my Kindle. Certainly I’m spending hours and hours with it. Since I’ve received it as a gift in December, I’ve read five novels on it. (With it? Through it?) But I recently took it with me to a semi-public place where I had to set it down frequently to see about matters in the area, and though I tucked it out of sight each time, I worried that it would be gone when I returned from my business only a few steps away. I would not have felt that way about a paperback novel.

I understand there is a tweet out there that goes something like this: “My book ran out of batteries. I hate the future!”

I’ve also been tending to put public domain works on my Kindle. Yes, I bought and downloaded two purchased novels (Fortress of Solitude and Tinkers — both great reads, by the way), but I’ve felt, I don’t know, manipulated (?) by the experience. In the end, I don’t have anything tangible. So I seem to favor public domain novels that are free: The Sea Wolf, Walden, Alice Adams, The Metamorphosis. Somehow I don’t feel as “used” by this experience. (Still, Kindle’s newest software upgrade now allows actual page numbers to display — rather than the cryptic progression method it used before — but these old texts I seem to favor haven’t been upgraded to show page numbers yet.)

As for The Awakening, though it is more than a century old, someone seems to still hold a copyright on it. I had to pay for this download, a whopping 95 cents!

Update 15-AUG-2011: I only finished this novel last week. I can’t explain why it took me so long.

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