Poets and Writers

My log on to the forums at Poets and Writers finally works. Now I can begin wading through there to see if the calibre of conversation is better than in the other writing forums I have investigated (it can hardly be worse). I don’t know why it took several months and two (unanswered) emails before I could use my sign on, but there it is.

Update 4/2/2011 – Like so many forums I’ve visited, the one at Poets and Writers seems to be dominated by one or two individuals who comment on everyone else’s posts but rarely make new posts of their own. The postings go back at least a decade, and most of the discussions are long dead, but there are several current strings of active ones and somewhat busy categories. I have found the level of discussion to be better than the other writing forums I’ve visited, and the commenters seem more knowledgeable. Still, I wish it were a more lively place.

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One Comment on “Poets and Writers

  1. I had the same problem with a huge art site, even when the admins helped. I gave up, it was just overwhelming when you WERE there, and it kept forgetting my password. Enjoy the new venue, I hope it’s better than the others!

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