“Not close”

I received a surprising email this morning from the editor of The Adroit Journal saying that he had accepted a short story of mine for their next issue. The reason the email was surprising is because I had only submitted the story a few hours before.

My story, “Not Close,” will come out in the Fall 2011 issue. The Adroit Journal is a print magazine, and it looks like a nice publication. A plus is that all profits from the operation are donated to Feed the Children, an international aid organization. (I didn’t know literary journals were ever profitable, but if this one is, then I’m doubly happy to be associated with it.)

My story is only 930 words; it’s categorized as flash fiction. I’ve had some reservations about flash. Sure, a complete story can be told in under a thousand words, but why? I’ve always said that half of the story is in the telling, and if you pare a story down to its absolute essentials, haven’t you given up some of the richness of the storytelling? Or “embroidery,” as Twain calls it.

Well, I’ve written a flash story that will be published. So I guess I’m guilty of flashing.

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One Comment on ““Not close””

  1. Congratulations!

    I have mixed feelings about flash fiction, too. I’ve read a lot of flash fiction that I’ve enjoyed–even written some. But I tend to like stories that fall between 2,500 – 5,000 words when it comes to short stories.

    I know there are some who believe that a story stripped down to its barest form is also its truest form by default. And I get where they’re coming from.

    But you can strip things down to a raw essence in 3,000 words, too.

    Here’s hoping you see more work accepted (and that it falls into a length you’re more comfortable with writing)!

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