Greater and greater

I’ve mentioned one or twice on this humble blog that I have a novel idea that I’m giving the code name “Greater.” I think it will be my “big work.” Certainly it will be my most serious, most ambitious work. But despite knowing a general plot and theme, I struggle with its too many points of view, and I haven’t been able to come up with an effective way to tell the story.

I think that changed last week. Following on yesterday’s post about insights, I had such a flash last week about Greater. I understood how I could tell the various components of the story in an effective way. (Thank you, Julian Barnes!)

For me, this is good news. I think it means that I’ll begin to see all sorts of useful developments come pouring into my little head. I’ll know how to slot the ideas that will come, and even having a vehicle for organizing and presenting them may even cause me to have the ideas.

I realize all of this sounds cryptic and confusing; I’m only a few steps ahead of you myself in terms of this effort. Just trust me that this is a good thing.

I’ve said here before that I’m wary of knowing too much about my creative process. I fear that if I am analytic about it I’ll kill the creative portion of it. (It’s why I could never be an engineer or an accountant.) Nonetheless, I can see how the mechanism worked in this case, and I’m grateful that it did.

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