Upon reflection, however . . .

The problem with writing spontaneous blog posts such as my last one is that upon reflection, many of the points I make don’t always prove themselves to be true.

After I wrote my lament about missing my accustomed writing space, I went on to make great progress on a short story I’ve been fussing with for a few weeks. I really think I have it mastered and just need time to finish it. And I made great strides toward finishing it while sitting in the library of that bed and breakfast.

And I recall staying in a bed and breakfast literally a year ago in New Mexico at which I wrote an entire short story, which was soon published. Clearly my need for a specific writing space is not always valid.

It may be that for my big projects (the two novels I am simultaneously punishing myself with) I do need the security of a familiar space. But it seems evident that I can tackle less ambitious works in fresh settings. Well, the matter is certainly worth more research, which I suppose requires me to stay in more bed and breakfast inns.

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3 Comments on “Upon reflection, however . . .”

  1. Brian Keaney Says:

    Going to new places definitely helps.

  2. Averil Dean Says:

    The only rule of writing is, get it on the page. What works Monday is guaranteed to fail by Thursday night.

  3. ‘upon reflection, many of the points I make don’t always prove themselves to be true’

    I could have said this myself! 🙂

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