Next up in the Kindle queue ~ Huckleberry Finn

I’m cheap. That seems to be the explanation that fits best.

I only recently finished The Awakening on my Kindle. You may remember this post from last March in which I announced that I had just “purchased” that novel and would read it (for the third time). Why did it take me so long to finish it? I don’t think this is due to the Kindle-ness of the experience. And I can’t blame my inattention on the demands of my book discussion group since it’s been on hiatus since then (coincidentally, but we begin again on Wednesday of this week).

But finish it I did, and I found a bonus at the end of several Chopin short stories, which I enjoyed.

So now I’ve downloaded Huckleberry Finn to my Kindle. I’ve read it at least twice in my humble life, and the protagonist in my Finnegan’s novel professes that he reads it every spring so I thought I should as well.

But to the point of this post, it was a free download. I don’t have any hesitation to download free novels, but I can’t seem to bring myself to purchase novels for it. What’s that all about?

Part of it, I think, is that I like donating my finished books to the small-town library I support. I can’t do that with an ebook. And if it’s a novel or other book that I especially want to read, I may want to keep it for my personal library. On a shelf. Beside other books. Can’t do that with an ebook either.

Okay, I’m becoming an anachronism. (And I dare not walk into my book discussion group with anything other than a print novel!) Maybe I should vow to purchase a contemporary novel next for my Kindle.

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4 Comments on “Next up in the Kindle queue ~ Huckleberry Finn

  1. Beth Says:

    I’m really old school. I don’t have a Nook or a Kindle.
    I like being able to donate books when I’m done with them. I like reading the physical book. That, and I have difficulty concentrating on words on a screen rather than a page.

  2. Are you reading the original or the new edited version of Huckleberry Finn without the offending words?

  3. Lyra Says:

    I have a kindle as well and in the time I have purchased thirty-odd books, I have downloaded two. Yes, two.
    I’m a chronic flipper and it drove me to madness on the Kindle. Don’t believe the hype. Not reading from a Kindle doesn’t make you anachronistic, reading does.

  4. I bought a Nook about six months ago because I found a hard-to-pass-up deal for reburbished ones for $79. I’ve used it twice. I can’t say I dislike the experience, but don’t find it as rewarding as reading a printed book.

    My plan is to keep buying print books, but use the Nook when I travel. With airline luggage restrictions and fees, the days of taking five hardcovers with you for a week are long over…

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