Worst (or best) typo ever!

Did you see this article in The Guardian about the outrageous typo that appeared in the ebook version of Susan Andersen’s Baby, I’m Yours?

Since links don’t last forever, let me spell it out a bit for you. Her hunky main man is supposed to have “shifted on the ground.” It seems that the “f” was replaced with a “t” and the rest is in the mind of the reader.

There must be an award somewhere for these kinds of things.

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3 Comments on “Worst (or best) typo ever!”

  1. Pete Says:

    That whirring noise you hear is Maxwell Perkins spinning in his grave.

  2. Averil Dean Says:

    Best! Best! If you’ve got to bear a typo, at least let it be an extravagant one.

  3. This one won’t win any award, but it was my most embarrassing ever. My second week on the job as an assistant communication director at a hospital, I wrote–and published–an entire article in a physician’s newsletter about “prostrate cancer.” When it was brought to my attention, I rather wished I could come down with some disease to kill me on the spot… Took me a long while to gain the respect of our medical staff.

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