Endgame again

As I half expected, now that I’m in the endgame with this novel I’m writing, all sorts of bits and pieces are suggesting themselves for inclusion. On my walk to work this morning (yes, I walk to work; it’s only about two miles, and when the weather permits and my enthusiasm hasn’t waned, I have a pleasant pre-dawn walk), the ideas came flooding into my poor head. Bits of dialog. A way to enhance a scene and add more telling detail. A fun little motif I can employ reasonably in a couple cases and then bring in for a nice payoff near the end.

I was eager to get to the office (which is not usually the case) just so I could get all of these ideas down on paper where they were less likely to flit away. I have found when I have these kinds of ideas and then later can’t remember them when I have the chance to write them down that they find their way back to me in a week or so. Right now I don’t want to wait a week for stray thoughts to return though. I want to get busy using them.

And so I have the challenge of shoehorning these new features into the mostly written story. They’re good contributions, and I will certainly use them, but I’ve found when I try to put things in long after the first draft fact that it’s hard work. I don’t like to “violate” the prose that is there; so “perfectly” written it is. Often it’s more than just a new coat of paint. The addition is more like building a new wall.

But to have such troubles is a good thing. I hope they keep coming to me for a while.

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3 Comments on “Endgame again”

  1. First, I’m jealous that you get to walk to work. I occasionally bike, but walking would be less of a hassle. Second, I thought the title of this post was “edamame, again.” I was picturing you, out of some sense of despair over your writing, eating nothing but edamame for days straight. Glad it’s not quite that dire (though edamame is delicious!).

  2. Averil Dean Says:

    I know what you mean. Especially if the new addition affects other parts of the story and causes a chain reaction of manuscript mayhem. On the other hand, an improvement is an improvement, so it’s best to carry on and put your shoulder to it.

  3. I come up with some of my best writing ideas when I walk the dog. I don’t know if it’s the otherwise idle moments or the fresh air.

    I got a digital voice recorder recently, so I can capture some of my ideas before I get back home to jot them down. You might find that to be helpful.

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