Home again

I’m home again after a week in Portland, Oregon visiting my son and new daughter-in-law, which accounts, in part, for why my postings on this humble blog have been so sparse in recent days. Also, I’ve been plugging away at the revisions and revelations I have for Finnegans Deciphered. I’m still wedging these things into the narrative, seeing the implications of each addition, finding where else in the story I must make corresponding or consequential changes, getting fresh insights, and so on. Every bit of it improves the tale and even the telling, but I still have a stack of notes to get through before I feel as though I’ve finished the first draft.

As for Portland, get yourself there! It’s a wonderful, progressive city with a great vibe. Lots of attractions, both urban and natural. Multnomah Falls alone is worth the price of a plane ticket. And if you’re not outdoorsy, Powell’s Books can keep you enthralled for days. Suffice to say that I needed an extra piece of luggage just to haul home all of the books I bought myself there.

So it’s back to the real world for me now, which has its compensations as well.

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2 Comments on “Home again”

  1. While I’m typically not a fan of traveling for work, my last job had be going to Oregon wine country once a month for a bit. I only drove out of Portland and spent more time at the coast or hiking around the mountains when I wasn’t working, but it’s a beautiful place. One of those places that is nice enough that the temptation to pack everything up and move west is always at the back of my mind.

    Glad to hear it was a nice trip!

  2. Annam Says:

    Welcome back!!

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