Elvis has entered the building

My short story “Velvet Elvis” is now up at Bartleby Snopes. Click on this link if you care to read it. (I’ve also updated my links page.) At the end of the month, the magazine will open a vote for the best story of the month. (They release two new stories each week.) The story of the month gets a special page at the site and is guaranteed a spot in the print version of the magazine. So when the voting feature comes up, I will note it here and shamelessly beseech you to vote for my story.

Every time I read it, I enjoy the memory of writing it. If a short story can ever be said to have “written itself” this is the one. I felt as though I should step out of the way and just let my fleet fingers fly across the keyboard. Should I find the gumption, I’ll try to do a post about the genesis and development of this story as I did for “The Respite Room.”

Also, I have a recurring motif that I try to use in most of my stories. It appears in this one. Any ideas what it is?

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6 Comments on “Elvis has entered the building”

  1. Annam Says:

    I don’t know what the recurring motif is, but you do like fantasy and imbedding fantasy subtly so that it takes on realistic elements. I really enjoyed the pacing of this story. It drew me in quickly, and I read with interest until the suspenseful end. I’m a particular fan of strong openings. I really thought your first line was not only powerful, but also symbolic as we get deeper into the story…

  2. Paul Lamb Says:

    Annam – Thanks for the kind words. I wish I could take credit for the strong opening and the pacing, but my subconscious self did all the work.

  3. Brian Keaney Says:

    Tremendously enjoyable, every line perfectly minted.
    (And also, as I’m sure you intended, entirely applicable to the world of publishing.)

  4. Paul Lamb Says:

    Brian – You are right about the publishing connection. The whole idea of a gimmick in the art is similar to the rush by many writers to pump out work with the latest literary trend. Right now I think it’s vampires, but that’s fading (fortunately).

  5. Pete Says:

    Paul, I love the story. I think my favorite line is “my sales suffering the vapors.”

  6. Paul Lamb Says:

    Pete – Thanks. I really enjoyed writing this one. That “vapors” reference was to bring in the Victorian tone a bit.

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