it’s your right and your obligation!

To vote, that is.

And the polling has now opened over at Bartleby Snopes for the December Story of the Month. I’ve made my choice and cast my vote (and, no, it wasn’t for my story). If you’ve read the December stories there, then perhaps you’ll consider voting for your favorite as well.

I noted last week that my story has already been selected as an Editor’s Choice, so it will appear in the next collection, which is the point of the voting. So let your good taste be your guide.

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3 Comments on “it’s your right and your obligation!”

  1. Pete Says:

    I voted, and didn’t even need to read the others.

  2. Averil Dean Says:

    You’re the devil on my shoulder, sent to distract me.

  3. Paul Lamb Says:

    Pete – Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    Averil – I hope that’s a compliment. I’ll take it as such.

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