Finnegans Deciphered, and unending

I’ve decided to insert a backstory into Finnegans Deciphered that I had earlier discarded. It’s more character development than plot, but it deals with the antagonist of the story, and I think it makes her (or him?) more interesting. It will also help explain another bit of backstory in the novel that I’d deliberately left vague.

I’m not doing this to inflate the word count (hovering somewhere in the neighborhood of 64,000 words) since what it will add will hardly amount to a thousand words at best. But while talking about the story with my beta reader, I mentioned this idea for the backstory, and she said that she thought the antagonist’s motivation seemed a little sparse. This will help remedy that.

My beta reader had a number of comments about the story, and while she generally liked it, her ideas have sparked areas where I can devote more attention to development. I’ve already made some too-explicit things more obscure, and I’ll make some obscure things more explicit. All of this involves rewriting at various points in the narrative, so I have a big job ahead of me incorporating her many ideas. But the story will be better for it. And I’ll keep busy. Everyone needs a hobby.

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One Comment on “Finnegans Deciphered, and unending”

  1. I’ve found that backstory is so important–and so difficult to smoothy execute.

    Doing the same with my WIP right now, in fact.

    Good luck!

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