bit and pieces

Remember that story I mentioned that I was sure was perfect for a certain magazine? The one I was checking my email hourly for its quick acceptance that I was sure was rushing my way? Well, it was declined, but I got a very nice rejection email from the editor. And since the submission was through Submishmash, I likely wouldn’t have received an actual email rejection at all, so I take the fact of receiving one as a good sign. The editor said he liked the style, and he invited me to submit again. That tells me the story is on the right track and worth submitting. I’m not sure I have anything suitable for the editor at that other mag at the moment, but maybe “Superman” would work.

And the story, “Travel Light,” is already back in submission. Actually, it’s been with another publication for a few weeks, and this week I sent it to its third possible destination. So, back on the horse and all that.


Speaking of “Superman,” it’s coming along. I was out to my little cabin in the woods over the weekend (for only the first time this whole month, which is a crime!), and several new ideas for the story came barging into my head. The story takes place at a little cabin in the woods, which I may have mentioned here already. So my little cabin in the woods, where I can’t seem to write, is still able to help me with my writing.


Do you think Lucky Rabbit’s Foot needs a makeover? I’ve never really been pleased with the look of this humble blog, but with my limited programming skills and even more limited design sense, I was willing to settle. But I see that WordPress has some new templates I could monkey with. (Splendio looks appealing to me.) So who knows. Maybe one day soon when you click onto Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, you’ll find a new look. It could happen.


I’ve lamented that so many of the literary events around town are too far away to seem worth the effort of attending them. Well, I’ve found an evening of readings that looks interesting that is an hour away at a town where the college is known for its writing program. It’s this weekend, and I’m thinking of attending unless some other obligation comes up to prevent me. Still looking for that fellowship/synergy thing.


And since I’m sure you want to know what my writing space looks like, why don’t you surf on over to Schietree and see a photo of it. Helen invited readers of her blog to send in photos of their desks/work spaces, and I did. It’s an interesting series she’s running, and it’s getting some fun comments.

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4 Comments on “bit and pieces”

  1. I love seeing where people write…and I noticed the H Upmann boxes on the shelf 🙂

    Regarding the design of your blog right now, I never thought to ask: is the photo you use in the header taken at your cabin?

  2. Averil Dean Says:

    Your writing space is exactly as I imagined, I love it.

    I just redesigned my blog, and found that the new visuals have given me a second wind with my writing. Change is good, and so many of the templates are free with WordPress, so why not try something new?

  3. Paul Lamb Says:

    Christopher – Yes, the camera is actually looking at the cabin, which is hidden in those trees across the lake. And no, I did not smoke all of those boxes of cigars. i get them for free from the cigar store where I occasionally visit, and I use them to store all of the desk essentials I don’t want cluttering the place: scissors, stapler, paper clips, cords for computer, and such like.
    Averil – You have a good imagination then. I’m tempted to change my look (of the blog) and one reason would be to post photos (although I can do that now). It may happen!

  4. Perseverance is the name of the game, my friend.

    New stories–and new and improved versions of old ones–are sure to one day bring success.

    As far as the blog design goes, I find this one pleasant and easy to read. If you need a change, then by all means, go for it. But I’m one for always keeping it simple…

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