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If you’ve read this humble blog long at all, you know that I have a healthy disregard for the so-called “rules” of grammar. I say this only for creative writing, of course. If you’re teaching high schoolers how to write term papers, grammar is good. If you’re writing technical manuals (something I’ve done) or legal contracts, or even if you’re guilty of committing journalism, then by all means use the lingua franca that grammar provides. But fiction writers have license to invent the language, not to be slaves to the mechanics of it. And poets? They are on the far frontier, finding the future for the rest of us.

Even so, there are times when people commit errors that grate on me. Peter Anderson points out a doozy on his blog. Where was the editor for this sin against humanity? Another that particularly bugs me is when people use “then” instead of “than.” It’s not as though these people are willfully misusing the language for a rhetorical effect. They’re just wrong, I tell you. Wrong!


This sentence may have a punctuation error, do you know what it is?

This sentence may have a punctuation error; do you know what it is?


I received one rejection this week, from Beecher’s Magazine. The submission was a long shot. Although my story, “Travel Light,” is a serious and worthy effort, I tried this magazine mostly because the story is set on the river that rolls through the college town the magazine hails as home. No worries. The story is under consideration at a couple of other places as well. It’s actually a chapter from my eternally limbo-ed novel, Larger than Life.


I never made it to that launch party at the Writers Place last Sunday that I spoke of in a recent post. Number Two son and his lovely wife arrived in town (from Portland, Oregon — a really fine town!) and we hung out with them. Certainly the wiser choice, but I still crave that fellowship of writers.


Recently, the Little Patuxent Review published my story “The Respite Room” but it’s a print journal. You can’t (couldn’t) read my story online. So I wrote to the editor asking how long I should wait to publish my story here at Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. I assume even if there is no contracted waiting period, there is probably a courtesy period. The response I got was a surprise. They thanked me for the consideration of asking and then asked me to write a short piece about the genesis of my story that they would publish on their blog. So I strung some words together and sent it to them. If they accept it, my strung-together words should appear there next week. I’ll post a link. Also, there is supposed to be a link to the story itself, so you’ll get to read it. And most amazing of all, there may even be a picture of my ugly mug, so you’ll get to put a face to the babble you read here. However, I sent them three photos that represent facets of my personality, and only one of them shows my ugly mug. We will see what they choose.

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5 Comments on “bits and pieces”

  1. kimmi Says:

    Marvelous., mysterious Mister Lamb!
    I’m half-blind,thus the preceding sentence may have an error in it.
    yes, the fellowship of writers. I do much miss that.

  2. Paul Lamb Says:


    However did you find me?

  3. kimmi Says:

    I followed a link on facebook. to ‘velvet elvis’ on bartlebysnopes. didn’t srsly look at the page for a couple days. then,author name was a hint, bio was absolute giveaway. but, I have no idea who posted the original link. maybe Dave?
    anyway, still haven’t read all of that, being overloaded with my own creative, uh, stuff. but I’ve started reading here. great writing, as ever.
    I don’t know why you’re hiding out, but if that’s your wish, I’ll honor it. just, you shouldn’t expect me to totally disappear now.

  4. kimmi Says:

    Ah, I found it. Sometimes I don’t see half of what I read. Or is that reversed?
    feel free to delete these comments if you feel the need.

  5. Paul Lamb Says:

    Kim, I would never delete your comments. Glad to have you at this little party of mine.

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