Concerning Craft – Little Patuxent Review

I mentioned several weeks ago that I had written a short genesis piece for the Little Patuxent Review about my story “The Respite Room,” which they had so graciously published. My piece is now up at their site, part of their Concerning Craft series.

By clicking on my story title there, you can open a link to the actual story and read it online. There’s also a picture of someone there, but just ignore that.

If you’d care to, leave a comment (just nothing derogatory about the face in the photo).

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2 Comments on “Concerning Craft – Little Patuxent Review

  1. Averil Dean Says:

    Benificence with strings attached. Oh, I’ve got some of those in my family.

    (You’re a handsome guy, Paul. I like the beard.)

  2. christophergronlund Says:

    Of course, by telling us to ignore the picture, that’s the first thing we probably all looked for!

    It’s funny how you read stuff by and about people online. You look forward to seeing what they’re up to. You may never meet them, but they often become a part of your day. Sometimes you don’t know what they look like, but an image forms in your mind.

    I must say, you look almost exactly how I’ve seen you in my mind. And that’s a compliment. The handful of stories you’ve written that I’ve read — whether you’re willing to admit it or not — sound like they come from somebody deserving of a certain degree of respect.

    I always pictured you looking like whatever image I have in my mind of a literature or earth science professor — someone either lecturing before a class or examining strata for signs of our past.

    Most of all, the mental image I’ve had of you has always been that of a very kind individual. I’m not sure that’s easy to fake in a photo, so I have to think I was right on that one, too.

    Reading the piece about the craft of writing is why I read your blog: there’s just something comfortable and deeper that I like. It’s always a reminder that taking one’s time to write as well as they can is worth it.

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