bits and pieces

Another week, another Fathers and Sons story written. Well, draft written. I’ve called it “Sins of the Father” and I think the title will stick. It’s not a story I’d been imagining for months and months, the way some of the others have been, but one that grew naturally out of another of the stories (“When We Were Young and Life Was Full In Us”). It’s nearly 4,000 words long, and it could probably benefit with some judicious pruning. I’ll see.


Ten hours from query to offer.


I’ve been keeping this humble blog for nearly five years. In that time I determined that I’ve written four Finnegans novels (one is apprentice work, one might be salvageable, one was lost in a hard drive crash but may be scattered among many emails, and one is about ready to submit), The Sleep of Reason (why is that languishing in my personal motivation?), a good chunk of my novel Larger than Life (two chapters of which I’ve been submitting as stand-alone stories), and more than a half dozen short stories, many of which have been published.

I had no idea I was so productive. But I need to get more focused. I think everything I’ve written in that time was the best thing I could do at that time. Now I need to get more professional about it all. Maybe more quality (in terms of writing, submitting, general businesslike attitude) and less emphasis on quantity?

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One Comment on “bits and pieces”

  1. Averil Dean Says:

    It must feel good to look back on that and think, Wow, I did all that?

    I’m all for the businesslike attitude in theory. I can never pull it off, personally, because my irreverent side kicks in and I start to be amused by my own attempts at serious behavior.

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