my little cabin in the woods

I’ve mentioned here a few times that little cabin in the woods I have down in the Ozarks. This is an old photo of it. I’ve made some improvements since then, mostly around the foundation in front where I’ve built a retaining wall and added a small garden.

I’ve done a little writing here, but the lack of electricity has hampered that effort some. Nonetheless, it’s been a good retreat for me, if only to unwind and decompress after the work week. And it has influenced my Fathers and Sons stories quite a bit. I’ve written drafts of four of them (and put one on hold) all set in and around a fictional family cabin in the woods. On Saturday I began the first story that was not set in the cabin.

I took this shot from across our little lake. It’s only about 200 feet wide, but I still had to have my little camera on maximum zoom. Inside we have two beds, several tables and chairs, some tools, and all kinds of picnic supplies. You can also see the nice front porch, which is a great place to sit and ponder the universe. I do a lot of that.

Everyone should have one of these, but in case you don’t, look me up and I’ll lend you the key.

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4 Comments on “my little cabin in the woods”

  1. That definitely looks like the perfect place to sit and think about writing. Just looking at the photo of the cabin, I’m relaxed!

  2. Averil Dean Says:

    Looks like a good place for a skinny dip!

  3. Annam Says:

    How lucky!

  4. […] mentioned before that I admire Paul Lamb and his tiny cabin in the woods. If I’m camping or hiking — or even just running around — I can disconnect […]

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