even negative attention is better than no attention at all

Sorry I haven’t been making many posts here in recent days, but I don’t really have any news to report, no revelations to inflict upon you, no judgments to pass.

I have several stories out at many publications. So many, in fact, that I’ve forgotten all of them and who is considering which. No matter. I just keep on keeping on.

I did get one rejection this week (so far). It was for one of my Fathers and Sons stories, “The Lonely Road,” and it was from Cream City Review. I thought the submission was a stretch, but I went for it anyway. But as I said in the title, even a rejection is better than the prolonged silence I’ve been getting.

So what’s happening in your life, literarily or otherwise?

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3 Comments on “even negative attention is better than no attention at all”

  1. Averil Dean Says:

    I’m finally, FINALLY making some headway with my new book. Good grief, what struggles I’ve been having. Remind me, why we do this again?

  2. CMStewart Says:

    Yes, could I perhaps borrow some of that negative attention? I’m exiting Irkville and entering Peevetown. Running out of gas, may have to get out and push.

  3. I’ve just been considering if I want to continue the agent hike with the current book or just go the e-book route…while working on the new book. That, and it wasn’t 105 degree in Texas this past weekend, so…I actually got out and juggled a bit, although it was a bit too windy.

    I totally agree that sometimes a rejection is better than silence. Sometimes that lingering is the toughest thing.

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