I’m still here

Sorry for the lapse in posts on this humble blog. It’s the usual excuse: just busy writing and living my life. I have nothing much big to report.

In recent days I’d been racing a submission deadline at a certain magazine. They are looking for stories dealing with “misreadings,” and one of my Fathers and Sons stories could be read from that perspective. The submission deadline is November 1, and the story, while pretty good, seemed wooly and bloated. In recent days I excised an entire sub-story within it. The sub-story is worthy, and I’ll try to incorporate it to another story that is currently stewing in the chaotic ferment of my mind, but it really added nothing to the original story and it drew attention from it I came to realize. So, last minute major surgery to a story that I needed to get submitted. Writing fiction is an exciting life, ain’t it?

This is the story I mentioned in an earlier post that I rewrote from third person to first person narration. I have the middle character (both a son and a father) telling the story, and I’ve created him as a decent, honest, but not very sophisticated or articulate person. (His wife says he’s innocent. I say he’s simple.) As a result, the range of word choices I must use in order for him to narrate is more limited, thus making the writing more challenging.

I managed to submit the story on Sunday — three whole days before the deadline. I think it’s pretty good and ready for submission, but I’m finding with all of these Fathers and Sons stories of mine that I continue to make adjustments and updates to them as the universe they are in evolves and reveals itself to me. Plus, I’ve been giving a lot of effort to polishing the tone in these. I think in a couple of stories I’ve managed to get the tone exactly right, but it’s subtle work — just the right word in the just the right place, structure of sentences, a feeling captured in a character by nuance or casual-seeming comment. But I know when I don’t have the tone right, and that nags at me constantly.

In other news, I’m running more than ever. I ran two — yes, TWO — 5Ks over the weekend. I set a PR at one of them, and my pace is continuing to improve. I’ve already reached the pace goal I’d set myself to achieve sometime in 2013 (so now I have to come up with a new damned goal). I don’t know where all of this running is taking me, but it seems to be getting me there fast.

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