a “Lonely Road” rejection

Not long after I posted my last entry about having no news, I received a rejection in my email. It was for “The Lonely Road,” one of my Fathers and Sons stories that I’ve mentioned here once or twice. I’d sent it to a publication that had shown an interest in one of my other stories, and I thought it might fit with the theme they were pursuing, which was “doubt.” My protagonist is filled with self doubt, but I think they were more interested in religious doubt and losing the faith and all of that. I think I knew it was a stretch submission.

So I dutifully went to Duotrope’s Digest, where I record my submissions and their successes and found that “The Lonely Road” is out to four other publications right now. I hadn’t realized that. When did I ever get so ambitious?

So, onward, right?

Do you do anything different, better for tracking your submissions? I have no complaint about Duotrope, and the more reports I make there, the better their stats are for acceptance rates at publications. But I just wonder if there are alternatives.

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4 Comments on “a “Lonely Road” rejection”

  1. Teri Says:

    I don’t record anything electronically. I keep a submissions notebook. At the top of a page I write the title of the piece, then there are 3 columns: Journal Name, Date Submitted, Date Rejected. That way, the minute I hear of an acceptance I can go to all of the ones still “open” and let them know it’s off the table. And I can also easily see who are always the last to respond.

    Good luck, Paul. This story will find a home.

  2. LauraMaylene Says:

    I use Duotrope but my main system is simply a Google Docs spreadsheet. I can color code different submissions (green for contest entries, blue for articles, etc.). The reason Duotrope isn’t my name system is largely because it can’t record everything I submit — like if I submit a grant/residency application, or an article pitch, or even to a magazine that for some reason isn’t listed in Duotrope. I also feel I have more flexibility with my own system. But Duotrope is still good.

  3. Annam Says:

    I keep all my submissions in a database. Then I can record comments I receive, specific editor names (if I am tailoring a submission) as well as other things like submission fees, things they like or don’t like, etc.

  4. M T McGuire Says:

    I bow down to your organisednses. All of you. Phnark. I don’t keep anything as organised as a submissions database. Then again. I don’t submit anything very often.



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