thick skin report, again

Ouch! Twice in one week.

I received another rejection in the last two days. This one was for “The Lonely Road,” which is also one of my Fathers and Sons stories. This submission had not been to a themed issue of a publication but to an open call for “literary” stories. The target is more vague, so I’m excusing myself from too much anguish over this one.

That story is out at a few other places right now, so I keep at it.

I’ve also submitted a couple of my stories that have already been published to other mags with themes that seem to match what they are about. One of the mags specifically said it would accept reprints. The other didn’t say it would not accept them, but I made it clear in my submission email that my story was already published. In that latter case, the original magazine has since faded from the cybersphere, so the story is otherwise gone from the face of the earth.

We shall see.

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One Comment on “thick skin report, again”

  1. Teri Says:

    You are an inspiration, Paul. Keep sending those stories out! And happy holidays to you ….

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