“Pandora’s Tackle Box”

Let’s start the new year (arbitrary transition that it is) right.

My story “Pandora’s Tackle Box” has been accepted for the Harnessing Fire anthology. The collection is subtitled A Hephaestus Devotional. Hephaestus was the blacksmith to the Greek Pantheon and, among other things, he is said to have created Pandora to bedevil poor Epimetheus. My story is a modern retelling of that myth, centered in the Missouri Ozarks and dealing with a fishing tournament, thus the tackle box. My character’s name is Old Festus, and he is a blacksmith, as it happens.

The Harnessing Fire anthology will be a print publication, due to come out this spring. I’m eager to see it since it appears to be focused on literary and scholarly writing. I feel classed up a bit.

Long time readers (or those who have delved into the sidebar of this humble blog) will recall that “Pandora’s Tackle Box” has already seen publication. It first appeared in A Golden Place in the Spring 2011 issue. Now a new set of readers will have a look at it.

Simple pleasures.

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6 Comments on ““Pandora’s Tackle Box””

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    Congrats, Paul. What a great start to your year.

  2. Teri Says:

    What great news to start 2013. Congratulations Paul !!!

  3. That’s a great title!

  4. Annam Says:

    Yay to 2013! Congratulations!

  5. LauraMaylene Says:

    Huzzah! I think yours is the first acceptance I’ve heard in the new year. Congratulations!

  6. threears Says:

    I’m late, but wanted to say congrats!

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