thick skin report

I received a rejection email yesterday for a story I had forgotten I’d even submitted.

I’ve mentioned here once or twice that I had lost track of some of my submissions; I knew I had made them but I could find no evidence of them in my submission log at Duotrope’s Digest or on Submittable. Nor could I seem to find them in my sent email. Over the months, when a rejection came in that I couldn’t trace back to a submission, I figured it must have been one of the lost boys. And I assumed that they must have all been accounted for by now.

But then yesterday’s came in. It seems that back in April of 2012, I had submitted my Fathers and Sons story “The Death of Superman” to a lit mag that I thought was suitable. As it turned out, I had used the mag’s own online submission form and then, for whatever reason, I did not track it beyond that.

In any case, aside from a few submissions that I’ve never heard about again, this nine-month response time may be the longest I’ve ever waited. I don’t suppose I mind. That must have been submitted shortly after I “finished” the story, and I’ve tinkered with it quite a bit since then as the Fathers and Sons universe has become more clear to me.

So, onward!

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2 Comments on “thick skin report”

  1. LauraMaylene Says:

    The forgotten-submission rejection is almost as good as the rejection for a submission you never actually sent (which has happened to me, yes) — as long as you weren’t waiting and hoping, it can’t sting very much.

    Or I guess it can sting more, when editors are eager to reject you when you weren’t even awaiting a reply. Either way, here’s to an unexpected acceptance making its way to you in the near future…

  2. Teri Says:

    Nine months is a crazy long time, right? I’ve gotten a couple of rejections that took more than a year. Baffling, this.

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