matters of note (though not about me)

When I first started blogging so many years ago, I was surprised to find a community of virtual friends grow from it. Now I “know” people from all over the country and even all over the world. I’ve shared in their interests, learned about their families and their lives, commiserated in their misfortunes, and celebrated their triumphs.

I’m still busy writing and submitting (and running and paying the bills) but I don’t have any recent news to share with you about myself or opinions to bloviate. Yet I can share the triumphs of others, if you’re interested.


My writing and blogging buddy — and certainly First Citizen of Joliet, Illinois — Pete Anderson sits atop the lofty height as being a soon-to-be-published author. And I should clarify. He’s widely published as a short story writer; his novel, Wheatyard, has been accepted and will be published in a couple of months by Kuboa Press. Some of us must know what that is like; others of us can only imagine at this point. I’m looking forward to buying and reading my copy of Wheatyard when it comes out; I’ve enjoyed Pete’s stories.


Congratulations as well to another writing and blogging buddy — and likely First Citizen of Albuquerque, New Mexico — Annam Manthiram on the publication of her second book, Dysfunction, which is a collection of her short stories. (Note that the publication of her second book only coincidentally happens shortly after the birth of her second child. I’m sure the two blessed events are unrelated; I’m just pointing out the coincidence.) I’ve purchased my copy of Dysfunction, and I’m looking forward to reading it; her novel, After the Tsunami, sits on my shelf, and reading it had opened my eyes to an utterly new world.


On my Kindle I’m currently reading Hell Comes with Wood Paneled Doors by blogging buddy (and, yes, First Citizen of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas) Christopher Gronlund. I’ve been reading his blog, The Juggling Writer, for years.


On my reading shelf and next physical book to be consumed by me is Living Arrangements, by blogging buddy (and no doubt First Citizen of Cleveland, Ohio, though I’ve never been there to confirm that such an unlikely sounding place actually exists) Laura Maylene Walter. (Yes, that’s how she punctuates it; be sure to give her middle name proper emphasis when saying it out loud.) I’m always looking to polish my short story technique, so reading her collection should show me how a master does it.

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6 Comments on “matters of note (though not about me)”

  1. I petition the mayors of Dallas and Ft. Worth to declare me the First Citizen of each city, which is a funny thought when I consider how many disliked my “Yankee” butt when I moved down from Chicago in 1984. And, as the Second Citizen of Kansas City for a time or two in my life, I am glad to call the First Citizen of Kansas City and online friend!

    I hope you enjoy Hell Comes With Wood Paneled Doors in between all the crude humor. (Or maybe even enjoy the goofiness as well.) It’s not the kind of thing I write anymore, but I still look at it and am definitely proud of sections, and still laugh at other places. I think the e-book benefits from an essay from some guy named Paul Lamb in the back…gives the book a sense of class! 🙂

  2. Pete Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Paul. But I’m far from First Citizen status – Joliet is a pretty clannish town, and I’ve only lived there for thirteen years, which is the local equivalent of just moving in last week. My Joliet bona fides are only via my wife’s family, who have been in in the city since the nineteenth century.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgments, Paul! I have enjoyed reading your stories as well as your blog. You have gotten me interested in these other “first citizens.” I will have to check our their work as well! Someday soon we will have to swing on by from Ellsworth and visit you in Overland Park.

  4. Annam Says:

    Oops, that comment about Ellsworth is from me.

  5. LauraMaylene Says:

    Ha, First Citizen of Cleveland! I love it. Thanks for the mention, Paul, and for calling out the italics in my middle name. My designer friend made the “logo” for my site, and I thought the italics looked spiffy, but now I fully expect people to greet me with, “Why hello, Laura MAYLENE.” It’s kind of aggressive, but in a good way.

  6. Averil Dean Says:

    You’re in for a treat, Paul. I adored Living Arrangements. Just hearing it brought up makes me want to get my copy off the shelf and read my favorite stories again.

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