Little Free Library


This post is only tangentially about my running — a subject I’m sure I’m beginning to bore you with. So I was in Paducah, Kentucky last week for my mother’s birthday and went out for a run. My intent was to run from her house to the downtown and then down the levee to the Ohio River, where I would dip my hand (for whatever reason — I don’t know). That route gave me only 2.85 miles, so I thought I’d explore more of the town at a run, and since the city is built on gloriously flat land, I did.

The artsy part of Paducah is called Lowertown. It’s a cute place, full of some magnificent old homes and tidy bungalows. In the middle of the morning during the middle of the week, however, most of the galleries and studios were not open, and since I was in the middle of my run I wouldn’t have stopped anyway.

But one thing did make me stop: the little box you see in the photo above.

This is a Little Free Library. I’d heard about these before, but as far as I can recall, this is the first one I’ve ever come upon. (And shame on me since there’s one in my neighborhood it turns out.) The idea of a Little Free Library is that you can help yourself to a book to read, at no cost, and/or leave a book behind for someone else to enjoy. (Probably would not work too well with an electronic reader.) Of course your options are limited to whatever happens to be in the collection that day, but just the idea of such a community-spirited effort makes me feel good about humanity.

You should go to the link to read more about the Little Free Libraries worldwide. And check out the map to see if there is one near you. (Curiously, the one in Paducah is not on the map.)

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