“The Lonely Road” is published

A day earlier than expected, but just in time for Pi Day, my story “The Lonely Road” has come up at Penduline Press. It’s in Issue 8, and once again, it is accompanied by a photo that I grabbed randomly off the internet. (Really.)

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3 Comments on ““The Lonely Road” is published”

  1. Annam Says:

    I absolutely loved this story. How tender the relationship between Davey and Kathy. How there is so much love there, but he cannot see it amidst what he feels are his failures and shortcomings. It is brutal and honest. The juxtaposition between the interactions between Davey and his coworkers versus his wife were poignant. Loved it.

  2. Brian Keaney Says:

    I loved this story, too. I was especially delighted by the opening because it was so very like my own experience when I worked in a processed meat factory aged sixteen and endured a similar onslaught of innuendo from older, female workers.

  3. MSB Says:

    Mazel tov, Paul! How exciting. I remember reading this a while back (maybe on your blog?) and liking it very much. I’m so happy for you that it found a permanent home.

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