“Open Country: an allegory” is now published

This is another of my stories that snuck into publication sooner than I expected. “Open Country: an allegory” popped up yesterday at About Place Journal. They had told me that they would send me an official email with all kinds of legalese in it before the story appeared. But they didn’t, and it did.

So take your fine self over there if you’re so inclined and give the story a read. Then let me know what you think.

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3 Comments on ““Open Country: an allegory” is now published”

  1. Annam Says:

    This story seems like it could be an allegory for so many things… technology, relationships, the environment. I liked how it truly is “open country”– open to interpretation.

  2. Lyra Says:

    Paul! Beautiful story. Your insight into thiis man is so subtle and so well done. My favorite part though is the humor weaved throughout as this man’s friend makes small comments that just dig at him. Really, really well done.

  3. LauraMaylene Says:

    Congratulations! “Open Country” is the perfect title for this piece.

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