“why don’t he write?”

A little out-of-town travel. No great news to report (aside from another rejection). Steady but not spectacular progress on story writing. No compelling desire to pontificate on this or that writing issue.

So I’m still around, and I read your blogs (especially yours). Oh, and I’m still running too.

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2 Comments on ““why don’t he write?””

  1. Annam Says:

    Am waiting to read more of your published work…

  2. donnaeve Says:

    Hey Paul,

    The title of this post struck me b/c of two reasons:
    1) Dances With Wolves – in that movie Kevin Costner’s character partners up with a disgusting guide who is helping him get to the remote post he’s supposed to be guarding. They come across a wagon that was attacked by Indians at some point in the past. A woman’s body is lying on the ground with an arrow in her. Mr. Disgusting says something like “Back home, someone’s saying, now why don’t she write?”

    2) It shows how strong “voice” can be using only four words. Happy you’re running – how’s your 1000 mile challenge coming? I’ve decided June 1st – this Saturday!! – that I’m heading out on my first run in over 2 months. I’ve been dutifully wearing my splint. I’m just about 98% pain free. I can get up in the a.m. now – no pain. (Of course, I’ve had the splint on all night) but I do notice when I sit for certain amounts of time and get up, sometimes I feel a tiny little bit of pain in my heel that resolves in about 10 seconds. I don’t know…I question if I should wait until I can say I’m 100% without pain, but I’m so shocked at how much the night splint has helped that I figure I can go on a 1 mile test run Sat. Fingers crossed.

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