thick skin report – Mason’s Road

Have any of you ever received a rejection from Mason’s Road? I got one this morning for my Fathers and Sons story “The Most Natural Thing in the World,” and I can’t decide if it was personalized and honestly encouraging or if it was just a gently worded but automated rejection. The email said that while my story wasn’t the right fit for them, they were impressed by the writing and encouraged me to send them something else. (Alas, their submission period is now closed.)

That sounds almost sincere and almost automated. It was signed by “the Editors” rather than by an individual. The email did specify the title of the story, but I’m leaning toward an automated rejection.

Well . . . onward!

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2 Comments on “thick skin report – Mason’s Road

  1. Annam Says:

    Onward for sure! That sounds like the slightly higher up rejection I’ve gotten from Gulf Coast, so if I were you I’d submit again.

  2. LauraMaylene Says:

    Every publication is different, but my guess is that journals typically don’t like to throw around the “please submit again” line unless they really mean it. They’re generally too buried in submissions to blindly encourage more. So take it as a good sign and submit once they open up again!

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