National Running Day 2013

Today is National Running Day, but you probably already knew that.

There are organized runs in many places throughout the country, but really all you need are a good pair of shoes and some free time.

Maybe I’ll see you out on the road.

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2 Comments on “National Running Day 2013”

  1. Annam Says:

    Or maybe not… 😉 Some of us aren’t up to the challenge!

  2. donnaeve Says:

    Hey Paul – I’m trying to ease back into it…ran a mile Monday – foot hurt AFTER the run and got worse as the day went on… (argh!) But, I slept in the splint, it felt much, much better, so I ran a mile again Wednesday…with my foot taped this time (Youtube is great for this kind of stuff)…and it hurt a bit 1/2 mile in…then, it didn’t hurt no where near as much as it did Monday. I was planning to run again Sat…and today it’s been kind of “throbby.” So, I don’t know…I so miss my runs.

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