a peek inside my head

my brainGiven the quality of some of my posts here recently, you may have imagined that there was nothing inside my head at all. Well, now you see differently. That’s me you see above.

I recently participated in a clinical study of runners (and actually, it was of people supposedly addicted to exercise — never in this universe could that be said of me, but I met the qualifications). I’m not exactly sure what the point of the study was, but they told me I would get some images of my brain from an MRI scan, and that was enuf to motivate me.

I went to the nearby university hospital where I answered a lot of questions, had an EKG done, did some funny breathing exercises, and then went across the road to the imaging lab where I got to enjoy being subjected to an MRI for about an hour. If you’ve ever had an MRI, you know how terrifying it can be. I lay on a bed that was moved into the large cylinder where the magic happens, and though I was not strapped down, I did have my head inside a cage that held it steady while they peeked inside. People are known to panic from feelings of claustrophobia inside MRI machines. I managed to hold it together, but I could see how some people might have trouble with it. Oddly, they taped a vitamin E pill to the right side of my forehead. They said it would help orient the technicians to which side of my head they were looking at. I guess.

During the hour, I read questions that were displayed on a screen before me. (Actually, above my head, but a clever arrangement of mirrors let me view them normally.) The questions were of this nature: Would I rather have $10 now or $100 now but not be able to run for two weeks? Would I rather have $20 now or $50 but not be able to run for two days? And so on for nearly an hour. I answered by pressing buttons on a small pad in my hand. I suppose they watched the lights flash in my brain as I answered the questions. Of course there was no right or wrong answer, but I tried to be consistent in my responses, even as they varied the questions slightly.

I hope they got what they wanted from the test. I was happy to participate, and I got a look inside my head.

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One Comment on “a peek inside my head”

  1. Annam Says:

    You are braver than I!

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