my anti-Black Friday

I’ve always been wary of our consumer culture. I’d read once that our economy is based not on buying but on frenzied buying. That’s more than a little sad to my way of looking at things, but what’s worse is that by 4:30 this very morning, I already saw posts on Facebook by people I’m related to saying how mad the shopping is out there.

Determined not to be a typical Consumer Culture Casualty, for years I have spent Black Friday in the wholly un-American pastime of not shopping but rather going to the woods for a day of frolic. So in a little while we’ll be packing the Prolechariot (the name my son gave to my red pickup) with a day’s supplies, getting out of the way as the dogs leap into the back seat (in their own kind of frenzy), then steering toward our little cabin in the woods. The forecast calls for nearly 50 degrees down there, though that will probably only occur for a few minutes late in the afternoon, but if we keep busy, sawing logs, or rambling in the forest, or throwing sticks for the dogs, we should stay warm enuf and have a good day. Traditionally we have a campfire, and I see no reason not to do so this year too.

And then we’ll return home in the gathering dark and hear the accounts of others who took themselves into the manufactured and manipulative mass madness of shopping for “deals” and be grateful that we are not part of that.

How will you/did you spend the day?

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3 Comments on “my anti-Black Friday”

  1. Annam Says:

    Cleaned my house and baked cookies. 🙂 I am anti-Black Friday too.

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever shopped on Black Friday. Wait! Once…and that was more than enough. My sister-in-law was in town and insisted that we all go shopping because…I guess when you haven’t seen your family in a loooooooong time, you go shopping? And so, we experienced the hell of a mall on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    I think I’ve spent more Christmases buying no gifts at all than buying gifts. My wife and I will buy stuff for my mom, who insists on buying gifts, even though I don’t want any more “stuff.” (So I usually ask for scotches I would normally not buy because they’re a bit too much for my wallet, or I ask for books I know I can read and pass on to friends.)

    Normally, I wouldn’t post a link to something taking people away from someone’s blog, but this is how we spent our Black Friday: We’d been on a shortened version of this cave tour when a friend was married, there, and now we can say we’ve taken the actual, much longer tour.

    This was the second time in 21 years together that Thanksgiving was just my wife and me. We almost went camping. Normally, we just stay in for Black Friday, but getting out away from it all was nice enough to become a tradition. I’m sure the cabin was a nice getaway from it all.

  3. I am anti Black Friday as well, but did accompany my sister and brother-in-law on some Christmas shopping the next town over. It was all independent businesses, so I don’t feel bad or soulless. And I found a live Emmylou Harris album from 1975/6 (put out in Germany), so I feel pretty good about that.

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