random ramblings

Obligatory comment about the astonishment and embarrassment for not having posted here in far too long.

I don’t have any great news to report, no happy acceptances of my stories to revel in or wound-licking rejections to lament. I don’t really want to throw out posts in which I pontificate about this or that (or the other thing) since I’m sure my thoughts are no wiser or more discerning than anyone else’s. (And what if they’re far, far less?) I did run a 5K in 13 degrees around a windy stadium parking lot last month, but it was not a shining moment for me (and I got a finisher’s medal, which I think is ridiculous for trotting a mere 3.1 miles). I could put up an adorable photo of my dogs, perhaps (since I don’t have any grandchildren — and I’m not at all bitter or resentful about that. Not at all!).

Even the writing is humdrum. I continue to pick at my Fathers and Sons stories. I have a number of them out to magazines for consideration. (Even after sending them out, I continue to tinker with them.) I’m contemplating sending one of my Finnegans cozy mystery novels (remember those?) to a small publisher for consideration too. Even my finished novel The Sleep of Reason is getting some long-overdue attention from me for possible submission.

I’ve had this idea for a story for a few years that I’ve tried working on lately. I think it was conceived during my Borges-reading period. It circles back on itself in a satisfying way, or it would if I could write the damned thing. But I fear the ambition exceeds the ability with this one. I’m not sure I have the chops to write it in the way I imagine it in my pointed little head. Frustrating.

Similarly, I have another story idea that seems to be born of my Faulkner-reading period. Oblique references. Tortured souls. Tortured sentence structure. Another theme where circles play a part. (What’s up with that?) I guess I’m the guy to write it, but how? How?

Also, is there such a thing as spandex rash? (Apparently so.)

Here’s a picture of my little cabin in the woods:


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2 Comments on “random ramblings”

  1. Lyra Says:

    February is the worst of months. Don’t let it get you. As for spandex, Bodyglide.

  2. donnaeve Says:

    I swear I’m suffering from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder – or something like that) I love all seasons, but this winter for us here in the south has been strange. Very cold (lots of days with highs in the 30’s when our avg is 50), lots of rain, and then two snowfalls back to back. I think we all are in a bit of a rut.

    Cozy mysteries…are very popular. I see these series being sold all the time on Publisher’s Marketplace. If you ever decide to query an agent – you should try mine. He’s very successful at selling these. I’m happy to send you his particulars, and you can use me as a reference if you like.

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