suspended submission

I received a non-rejection for a submission this week. It wasn’t an acceptance either. Or a request for a rewrite. In fact, it was unlike any response I’ve ever received. But it was nice.

I’d sent one of my Fathers and Sons stories to a lit journal that had issued a call for submissions, which is commonplace. Then I got busy working on other things and occasionally wondering what the status of the submission was (along with the half dozen others I have out there). In that time I received a rejection for a different story and moved on. Then this response came up in my email.

The note said that they were not sending me a rejection of the story. Rather, due to “administrative setbacks” (which I imagine means cash flow problems) they were suspending their journal for the time being. They wanted to release me from the “uncertainty of submission limbo” until they resolved their problem. Should that ever happen, they assured me they would take up consideration of my story again, and if they wanted it, they would ask at that time if it was still available.

I’ve certainly had my share of submissions lost in limbo. I’ve had some pieces for which I never received a response, but I’ve heard stories of writers getting positive responses sometimes years later, so I hold out hope on a few of those. But to get a frank and thoughtful response like the one above is nice. Imagine your journal, your pride and joy and the fruit of your dreams, going belly up, and yet you take the time to write to each of your submitters to give them some info and closure. That takes some guts, I think.

So, onward.

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2 Comments on “suspended submission”

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    Sounds like the classic Seinfeld breakup line: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

  2. That’s nice and professional. I once had a submission disappear and then five years later the journal resurfaced. They accepted the poem, but it had been published somewhere else, so I sent them another one.

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