a little endeavor

So there’s this little endeavor I’m undertaking this weekend. I’m sitting at home, alone (except for my 70-pound Border Collie, who is right at my feet, terrified of the thunder outside). I’m fretting and pacing and packing and checking and second guessing and fretting. I took the day off from work just so I could fret in peace. My wife and I fly out of Kansas City tomorrow. We’ll return on Tuesday, assuming I survive the little endeavor.

We’re getting some much-needed rain here in Kansas City today. My hope is that while the Pacific Northwest is noted for its raininess, it will be dry and sunny on Sunday (just as the forecast is predicting right now). But I am packing for any possibility.

I hung out with friends from my running club last night, and over too many beers we swapped stories and encouraging words. Everyone has assured me I can meet this challenge but that it’s going to be very hard. I now have an iPhone, so I hope to post real-time photos of myself and my descent into madness on Facebook. Like most things, that might start out well and peter out just as I am petering out.

In writing news, I haven’t really written a word in weeks. Perhaps it is anxiety. Perhaps I’ve hit the writing wall. I’m not sure. But I did have a “revelation” about one of my characters in the Fathers and Sons stories that is significant and will affect all of the stories in the cycle (except the already published ones that are now carved in stone). This deepens and enriches the characters and the relationships among them. I’m hoping that this revelation is the spark I need to get back to writing.

But first, the little endeavor.

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7 Comments on “a little endeavor”

  1. The little endeavor gets all my respect. I love Oregon and can only assume that it’s the right place for your little endeavor. All the best this weekend…look forward to the report, here, when you return.

  2. WalkToRio Says:

    Running around Portland it’s gotta be nice.
    Hope you have a nice trip and a great run.

  3. Oh, just a little something to pass the time. Good luck!

  4. Annam Says:

    Little endeavor, eh? Sending positive thoughts and vibes to you this weekend. Sorry I’ve been a tad MIA. Had my own little endeavor… to Europe for 2 1/2 weeks 🙂

  5. Lyra Says:

    Of course you haven’t written a word! And you know what? Screw it. You can’t train for a marathon, work full time, and have time to write too. But, BUT, you can push yourself to such an extent, that you are bringing a new view to your writing. Trust me, it’s a wonderful, scary, nerve-wracking endeavor, and you’ll have lots of time to write while you’re icing your legs after you rock this thing. Go get it, sir! xoxo

  6. melinda Says:

    Paul, what an exciting endeavor! I’ll definitely be thinking of you in the morning. Your words will come back when the time is right – as Lyra said, you’ll have plenty of time to write while you’re recovering. In the meantime, I just know you’re going to rock 26.2 tomorrow!

  7. melinda Says:

    Thinking of you, Paul! Give it all you got!

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