locked out

So I got this new iPhone. Seemed like the right thing to do, with my daughter sending everyone but me pictures of her sonograms and such. But in order for my new phone to talk to my Mac via the Cloud, I needed to upgrade the operating system on the Mac. That also seemed like the right thing to do.

Now I’m locked out of Word. The version of Word I have on the Mac is apparently so antiquated (at least in terms of MicroSoft’s marketing agenda) that the operating system upgrade on the Mac won’t support it. I can’t even open Word now.

All of my stories and notes are out of my reach. Thank you Microsoft and Apple.

There are several solutions. I can buy an upgrade for Word at $149, but it’s a one-time deal. If there is another upgrade (to Word or the operating system) I’ll have to buy it as well. Or I can buy a subscription to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for $69 per year and stay current. (I have no use for those latter two programs and in fact hold much disdain for them.) A third option is to buy Apple Pages and do my word processing through that system. It will allow me to open my existing Word files and to save any new work as a Word file. Just about every submission guideline I’ve seen in recent years requires Word formatting for documents.

I’m consulting with my technical support team (son-in-law) and will make a decision soon.

Just as well for the time being. I’ve been in a funk for weeks and weeks (okay, months and months) and haven’t felt all that creative anyway.

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3 Comments on “locked out”

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    Pages allows you to save a file in Word format. Not a perfect solution, but it works fairly well.

  2. pete29anderson Says:

    Oh wait, you already said that.

  3. melinda Says:

    I have a PC (and an iphone), so this may not be any good for you. But, have you looked into LibreOffice or OpenOffice? Both are free editing suites, and both allow you to save documents as docx. I glanced at their webpages, and it looks like both of them offer Mac version.

    Personally, I use Google Docs almost exclusively. Since I have a PC, iphone, and ipad, it’s the easiest way for me to have continuous access to my latest version of whatever I’m writing. That wouldn’t totally solve your problem, since you can’t upload an editable version of a docx file, but once you regain access to your documents it might be okay.

    Something else to consider – it is possible that one of the public libraries has access to a version of Word that will let you open your files and save them in a newer format. Might be worth looking into.

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