could it be progress?

I wrote a bit prematurely in my last post about the progress I was making with my latest Fathers and Sons story, “Boys are like puppies.” I spoke of having written 600 good words. And that was significant progress given the funk I’ve been in. (2014 was not a good year for me, ’nuff said.)

But I spoke too soon. I returned to the story later that day (which is a rare enuf event since I almost never attempt to write in the afternoon) and kept poking at it. The result was nearly 3,000 words down. (That magical number.) I “finished” the story, though I still need to complete one major transition and then let the whole thing percolate for a while before coming back to it with red pen in hand. (Did I just mix a metaphor?)

Still, this has been remarkable progress for me. And I don’t mean merely the word count but the accomplishment of finishing a story. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that. In the ensuing days a couple of thoughts came to me about how to elucidate the tone I want in the story, just a simple switching of roles so that a certain word is spoken by a better character. (It’s a “from the mouth of babes” moment that reveals a great deal.) I’m hoping more ideas like this come to me to strengthen the story telling, sharpen the characters, and deepen the pathos.

And then what? Do I attempt to sustain the momentum with another Fathers and Sons story? Or do I take a crack at something completely different? I have a story idea I’m calling “Icarus” that has been demanding attention. It will be a difficult story to get right, but I’m thinking I need to get it out of my head and out of the way so I can return to the other stuff.

*   *   *

(I’m sure you can tell that I found a great sale on parentheses.)

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One Comment on “could it be progress?”

  1. Try something new! It will indirectly help you with the Fathers and Sons.

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