the coming month

My wife and I spent one evening last week hitting all of the local bookstores in town that were open, looking for a couple of books each, but I was specifically on the hunt for Steppenwolf (the novel by Herman Hesse, not the band most famous for “Born to be Wild”). I finally found it (as well as two other books, but that’s one of the delights of visiting libraries and bookstores) at the fourth store we visited. I brought it home and set it on my to-be-read shelf while I finished what I was reading at the time.

When I finally began reading Steppenwolf, I opened the cover, and a small note fell out. At first I thought it was someone engaging in the kind of guerilla marketing I do. The note turned out to be what you find in a fortune cookie.

Look to the coming month for a

solution to your problem

That coming month, March, is now upon me, and I’m eager to find out both what my solution and my problem are.

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One Comment on “the coming month”

  1. growingpositive Says:

    Seems like destiny wanted to be heard, I’m intrigued to find out if anything special happens to you this month 🙂 Quite beautiful how a book you really wanted had something like that in it, that would make my day.

    Growing Positive

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