still around

So, yeah, I’m still around. Haven’t had much to say I guess. Still picking away at the writing, though it’s been hard to achieve those early morning sessions since all I seem to want to do right now is sleep.

My grandson, Ken, is doing fine and growing as he should. He’s smiling now and interacting with his parents and his brother (the dog). He’s even starting to vocalize.

SmilerNext weekend begins a madness that seemed like a good idea last July when I signed up. I run the first of three half marathons in five weeks. Next weekend is the first, followed by the second the very next weekend. Then I get a couple of weeks off (though I’m squeezing in a four-mile run then, but it’s all downhill) before the third and final half marathon. Lots of swag and bling and shirts and chocolate milk. Yes, I am insane.


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2 Comments on “still around”

  1. donnaeve Says:

    Three halves. My brain says “Good for you!” while my legs say, “Uh. No.” I really want to get back into distance running again. I’m finally about over the 2.5 year case of plantar fasciitis, and so I’m not wanting to press my luck. I hope the runs go good for you!

  2. donnaeve Says:

    Oh, and cuteness galore with the pic of the little guy.

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