“Twice Blest” has found a home

My Fathers and Sons story “Twice Blest” has been accepted for the winter 2016 issue of [redacted}.

I had submitted it in response to their call for stories under 3,000 words on the theme of family. Of course, my Fathers and Sons stories are all about family, and at a lean 1,300 words, “Twice Blest” certainly met their length requirement. I’ve written about this story here on the humble blog a few times, perhaps most fully here. The title comes from The Merchant of Venice, specifically from the well known Quality of Mercy speech. The story is set in the spring of 1968, which is not necessary to know to read the story, but it does give a deeper meaning to some cryptic statements by the father. When the inevitable collection is published, this will be the first in the chronology of the stories but, as I envision it now, the second story in the collection.

I don’t know exactly when the winter issue will be published*, but it will be online, so I’ll link to it when that happens. This is the fifth of my Fathers and Sons stories to be published and my twenty-first short story to be published.

Always nice to put good news on the blog.

*Update: I re-read the acceptance email and learned that the next issue is scheduled to be published on November 14, 2015. So, that’s good.

*Further Update: As of January 14, 2016, I still do not know the publication status of this magazine or my story.

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