fresh effort at a story

So I’ve started fooling around with a new story in my Fathers and Sons cycle. Yeah, I know. I’m as surprised as you are. I still have about a half dozen I hope to write, and they benignly bounce around in my head most of the time. Occasionally, one will accumulate enuf mass to assert that I need to work on it as an actual thing (rather than the idea of a thing). So it is with this newest story, which is titled “Over, Under, Through.” That’s not a reference to General Patton, though he apparently gets credit for the term, but more of a guy thing (there are three guys in my stories) and maybe something else.

Not much happens in the story, at least in terms of plot. My middle character, David, is sitting with his father in the care home where he lives. The father is unaware of his son’s presence while David’s mind not-so-benignly bounces around with thoughts and concerns. Very much present is the grandson, who is only there in the form of a printed email. The story ranges over a great many important points across all of the Fathers and Sons stories, and it will tie many of them together (“tie . . . together” — is that redundant?) and feed subsequent plot points. This is one of the latter stories in the cycle, though at present I see two more after it.

This doesn’t feel like the false start of my many recent attempts at writing something. I certainly hope it has achieved critical mass and will develop into something whole, when I take the time to sit before the screen of jumbled notes and try to assemble them into a coherent story. You’re welcome to ask me about this as a nudge.

*   *   *

I’m still reading Look Homeward, Angel, though I am now in the last third. All of the qualities I enjoyed earlier are still there, but so are the faults. I’m no more drawn to Wolfe now than before. Not sure what I’ll read next.

*   *   *

The editor who accepted my Fathers and Sons story “Twice Blest” has reported that publication has been delayed. Rather than appearing last weekend, it looks like it will come out next week. As always, I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops (or at least post a link here) when that happens.

*   *   *

I don’t have any runs on my calendar until April. I’m still recovering from that marathon last month — my left hamstring muscle hurts, and I keep “re-injuring” it with every training run I do. I had hoped to be up to double-digit miles in my runs by now, but last night’s mere five-miler has left me in pain. I’m doing exercises and stretching, and I’m running a lot less than before. Now that I’ve reached my 1,000-mile goal for the year, I intend to take it easy through November and December to heal. Then I’ll ramp up again in the new year.


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One Comment on “fresh effort at a story”

  1. Congrats! Progress all around.

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