still more progress

I’m making some progress with my story “Over, Under, Through.” I’ve added more than a thousand words to it in the last week. Considering that I’m not really sure what the story is supposed to be doing, I consider those thousand words real progress. Actually, my thoughts are coming together. I see what the story can do for the Fathers and Sons cycle, so all of my struggle is going in that direction. Whether that is the story I end up with, I can’t say at this point. But it is nice to feel progress in my humble writing efforts. It’s been a while.

 *   *   *

I finished Look Homeward, Angel the other night after a couple of marathon reading sessions. Wolfe really was a talented writer (despite his cringe-worthy, dated thoughts about those less fortunate), but he certainly needed an editor, and I think he needed even more editing than the extensive work he’d received. (But as I think I said, I read a “restored” version of the novel.) Some of the images he created, and the words he used to do so, are masterful and memorable. Nonetheless, I don’t see myself returning to his novels. I may look up some of his short story collections, but there are other books to get to first.

One of which is the book I’m reading now: Van Gogh: His Life and His Art by David Sweetman. I’m not very far into it, but I’m enjoying it a lot. Even this early section, most of which is about people in Vincent’s young life rather than Vincent himself, is interesting to me.

 *   *   *

And speaking of progress, my experiment of wearing arch supports in my running shoes seems to be working. Since I started doing this a few weeks ago, I’ve only had two incidents of the tight Achilles tendon after a run. My feet have grown accustomed to having the inserts in the shoes, and they don’t seem to affect my gait at all. Granted, I’ve been doing a lot less running since the marathon a little over a month ago (this week I will be lucky if I clock four miles), so that may also account for the better tendon. I’m trying to heal a sore hamstring in my left leg, so I’m backing way off the running, probably for the rest of the year.

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