what are you doing next?

“What are you doing next?” asks independentclause. What, indeed!

I’m not sure. It is clear to me that I should stick with the Fathers and Sons stories, now that I’m in the sprint to the finish line. (Do you know how hard that is? When you see the finish arch and decide to give everything you have to end the race well, as well as you can anyway, and then after sprinting for what seems like forever you discover when you’re still hundreds — millions!!! — of feet away that you’ve well and truly run out of gas?) The unfinished F&S stories are obligingly giving me insights and details daily about how they can be written, and I really should work on them in this state of febrile fecundity.

Yet they need to incubate. And I realize this is a legit part of my creative function. So I wonder what else my nimble fingers and plodding mind might do as I wait for those stories to “reveal” themselves to me. I have a number of old ideas, with pages and pages of notes for them, that I could work on. And at least one new story idea — “Stargazing” — is asserting itself as well.

Do I want a break from the F&S stories and the chance to work on something fresh and even fun? The Fathers and Sons stories are “literary” and “serious” while “Stargazing” would be a frolic. And another story idea I’ve had for years and years (literally) would be a comparatively easy thing to write because it wouldn’t be laden with so much “meaning.” I don’t have a decent title for it however, which sometimes really is important.

Or I could take up another story idea that came to me (years ago) when I was reading Faulkner heavily. I call it “The Hoega Sewing Circle” and it would be fraught with great seriousness and deep meaning. It would take hard work and effort and rewriting and even research (about quilting, of all things). They say the good ideas are the ones that won’t go away.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do next, but since it is no longer 2015, I’m actually able to “do” something, which is a pleasant change.

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