new character, new stories to be told

On Friday, at 9:04 in the evening, my grandson Emmett James was born. Two years ago I lamented ever having grandchildren, and now I have three!

Emmett was a difficult birth (apparently — I wasn’t involved). Due to whatever precautions her doctors wanted to follow, my daughter-in-law had been induced on Friday morning to begin her contractions. After more than twelve hours, culminating in a plateau of unproductivity, they did a Caesarian section and brought Emmett into the world. (His cousin Elaheh was also a C-section baby.) He weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces (which is larger than any of my children and certainly larger than his father, who was my smallest birth-weight child).

While my grandson Kenneth lives in New York and my granddaughter Elaheh lives in Portland, Emmett lives just 40 minutes down the road, and I expect to see a great deal of him as he grows up.

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One Comment on “new character, new stories to be told”

  1. Congrats, Grandpa!

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