never-ending stories

It’s hopeless. I thought I was done with the Fathers and Sons stories, at least in drafting them, but an idea for another story keeps intruding on the chaos that is my mind.

I rose early on Saturday to poke at the stories — I had recently changed one from first- to third-person narration and it was still rough in its verbs as a result — and found myself making notes for a new story. I’d written here before that there is a twelve-year gap early in the forty-four years these stories cover, and while I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, it did nag me as a hole that needed filling. Added to that was a feeling that I needed to flesh out better one of the qualities I reference in the grandson character (and it turns out his biggest quality given the way I’ve chosen to tell the stories — sorry, I know I’m being vague), so I began to think I could fill that gap and work on the grandson’s characterization by creating a “real-time” story containing a flashback story. I’ve done this a bit in a couple of the other stories, so it isn’t out of the blue.

Fortunately, this double story is revealing itself to me readily, though I’m far from having the whole of it in hand. And the universe I’ve already created for these characters — grandfather, father, grandson — is rich enuf that I can call on all sorts of facts about them to develop the new story. I just hope it doesn’t take me months to write and anguish over and read and reread and revise and revise some more and anguish further. Plus, these stories ripple among themselves. What happens in the new story may affect the telling of the other stories, and I’ll have to be vigilant about those implications so I can incorporate them where necessary.

Universe building is hard work!

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