“The Death of Superman” has found a home!

I received a happy surprise in my email on Sunday afternoon. My Fathers and Sons story “The Death of Superman” has been accepted for publication in the Pulled by Place Anthology to be published by Simone Press. The story is about the family cabin and how it is intertwined not only in the lives of my three characters but in their actual identities. This is the publication I made veiled reference to in this earlier post. No info yet on when the anthology will come out, and I think it will only be in ebook format, though perhaps it will be in print as well.

This is the second fastest acceptance I have received. I had officially submitted it on May 30 and received the acceptance on June 5: six days! I’m especially pleased since the submission window doesn’t even close until the middle of August, so they must have liked what the saw so much that they didn’t need to wait to see what else might come in to push it out of contention. (The only time I received a faster acceptance was with my locally specific story “The Lively Arts in Kansas City” back in 2008; the editor accepted it only a few hours after I had submitted it.)

This is the story that started it all. I had originally written it years ago as a one-off, with nothing more to it than exploiting the little cabin I have down in the Ozarks for a story (and to give my children a sense of what to do with the thing once I’m out of the picture). I had never intended it to be part of a cycle of stories, but I had tossed in a quick line about the narrator reflecting on how so many important moments of his life had happened at the family cabin (resulting in “When We Were Young . . .” and then logically from that “The Lonely Road” and then the other stories that together now comprise the 19 pieces of the cycle). “Superman” is the sixth F&S story and the 24th of my stories to be published. I’m beginning to feel legit.

I draw a great deal of satisfaction from my Fathers and Sons stories; I am proud of what they have become and where they have taken me as a writer. But I am also ready to be finished with them. (Though see yesterday’s post.) They have consumed the last four years of my creative life. I’ve written a few other things in that time, but F&S has been my focus, and my brain is getting more frequent pings from other story ideas; I’ll be glad when I’ll have the chance to fool around with those. Maybe they’ll result in another cycle of stories to devour me. (It’s happening. I’m already thinking of the things I can do to further the adventures of the character in my story “Travel Light.”)

I’m fooling around with the 19 F&S stories, pretending to myself that I’m honing and polishing them before sending them off to a beta reader (who is more of an alpha writer than I) with the idea that that would be the last effort before I begin the terrifying work of submitting the entire cycle to agents and publishers for consideration.

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One Comment on ““The Death of Superman” has found a home!”

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    Great news, Paul!

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