ever on and on

Odin help me! I read through the entire 19 + 1 of my Fathers and Sons stories this weekend, hoping to impose some kind of consistency on the narrative, and what I found was that there are plenty of stories I could still write to fill in narrative holes. (Plus plenty of inconsistency in the narrative.)

But I don’t think I will.

The Fathers and Sons stories are a cycle, not a novel. They are interconnected short stories that can stand alone and yet make perfect sense as a collection. I admit that some of the stories don’t really work as stand-along pieces, but they inform and fulfill the overall narrative. They belong in the cycle. They make the cycle work.

Yet the part of me that likes long-form novels and suchlike wants to add a bunch of stories to “fill in the gaps” of the narrative. This is where Odin needs to step in and rescue me from myself. I think I could keep writing stories to fill the gaps forever, and I can’t do that.

There is one more story I think I might write for this cycle. I’m calling it “One-match fire” and it would fill in some holes. But beyond that, I don’t think I can or should try to address any of the blanks in the narrative.

Enuf is enuf, right?

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One Comment on “ever on and on”

  1. pete29anderson Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with leaving narrative holes. Let the reader fill them in. You can’t explain absolutely everything.

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