trigger, pulled

I decided I was done. Done enuf to send my Fathers and Sons stories to two readers. This is the end game, at least for my input. I’m finished with the architecture and deep diving in these stories. They are done.

I have, of course, continued to have minor revelations about the stories, mostly how to shore up this reference in that story or otherwise make them reflect and react to each other. They are stand-alone stories that work together as a whole. And I’ve found that by stepping back from them, I have a different perspective. I’m seeing some things that I hadn’t before.

I hope my readers have input for me as well. Minor fixes or major reworking. Suggestions. Insights. Revelations. Disgusts. Disappointments. Delights.

And then I’ll go over them yet again.

I’ve already been giving some thought about submitting the cycle to agents. And what I’ve found is that no one seems to be interested in representing story cycles. Story collections, yes. Novels, yes. But story cycles seem to be a not-very-well-known form. I’m sure if I get a bite from an agent, I can explain how I see the stories working together and then drop in the word “cycle” casually.

But that’s down the road. Right now I’m waiting to hear from my two readers. And I’ve actually begun tinkering with a story idea that is not related at all to my Fathers and Sons stories. Feels refreshing.

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2 Comments on “trigger, pulled”

  1. I’m happy to hear that you feel they are in a done[enough] state to begin getting feedback and consider what to do next. I like story cycles, but they do seem like a hard sell. It seems publishers are interested in collections when they are interested in a future novel. And there’s hope — THE STATE WE’RE IN by Ann Beattie is a bit of a collection of story cycles (connected stories in a way), and it got enough press that I read about it, thought, “That sounds cool,” and read it.

    If nothing else, I’ve enjoyed reading about the time and care that has gone into your Fathers and Sons stories and hope to one day read them all in a nice book!

  2. Louie Says:

    Olive Kitteridge could be a comp, no?

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