a tree falls in the forest

Too long away from here. Not sure how to account for that. Marathon training? Beer? Family in town? Lethargy and sloth?

I babbled in my last post (nearly two weeks ago!) that although I thought I was finished with my Fathers and Sons stories, I realized that there was one more I could write/should write. (And, really, I think I could write a dozen more since I know these characters so well.) So I’m deep in that “last” story, which I’m calling “A Tree Falls in the Forest.” That title, of course, has literal meaning and deep, soul-clenching significance to the theme of the stories. Or maybe not. I’m too close to it now.

I have more than three thousand (!) words written, and I suspect I’m two thirds of the way through it in first draft. It actually occurs relatively early in the chronology of the stories, which is a bit of a problem since the rest of the twenty stories are currently out with a couple of gracious and insightful readers. But the story doesn’t introduce any new themes or plot points and really is more about character development, fleshing out some things I’ve hinted at in other stories but never gave sufficient justice to. Or maybe not. I’m too close to it now.

By the way, I now have an official title for the cycle: One-Match Fire. It was suggested by the Independent Clause herself, Ellen Goldstein. A one-match fire is a kind of challenge that I’ve faced since my youthful Scouting days, and it happens to be a skill passed down through the generations in my stories. It was in them, and yet I was blind to its significance. But once the title was suggested, I could see that it was exactly right.

So I don’t think it will take me long to finish “A Tree Falls” and then, I have no idea. Re-read the entire cycle for the umpteenth time? Massage it, negotiate with myself, try to make it all coherent? Wince and cringe and recoil from the input from my readers? And then stand up like a big boy and begin the terrifying task of trying to submit the “novel”?

I am open to suggestions.

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One Comment on “a tree falls in the forest”

  1. I’m so glad you went for the title!

    I vote a break, outside input, then massage and moan.

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