the tree has fallen

I finished the “last” Fathers and Sons story over the weekend. And by “finished” I mean in a first draft only. It is titled “A tree falls in the forest” and I think it’s already in pretty good shape. It gets done the basics of what I wanted to get done. I quickly emailed it to my two readers, cautioning them that it was raw but that I thought it was important they have it to integrate with their understanding of the whole cycle.

About two hours after I emailed the story to them, I began revising it. Nothing substantive. Just stuff for the tone. Clarification of this and that. A few changed verbs. And added adjective or two.

I fully realize that the story will evolve; I certainly hope it does. It’s lengthy in relation to most of the other stories, and I found myself rushing through the end third of it; that will probably need to be developed more. But then I must call a halt, right? I don’t think there are any holes left to fill, any character development that is missing, at least essential character development. There are plenty of things I’ve left for the eventual reader to discover or discern. Or not. I don’t want to spell it all out and leave nothing for that reader to chew on and develop. I love stories that stick with me for days or weeks. I’d like to provide that kind of story as well.

But I’ll wait to see what my two readers think.

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